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Winter Riding by Judy-Lynn McGrath

When most people are asked to name a winter sport or activity, mountain biking is not a typical response. In fact, many cyclists hang up their helmets during the winter months or when the temperatures dip. I would have thought to do the same thing, had I not known that there are ways and conditions to ride all winter.

Tips - Cables and Superglue

When cutting cables, put a drop of superglue on the cable and let it set, then cut the cable. The superglue prevents the cable from fraying, and it does the job really well, even without a wire cap. The best superglue to use is the liquid type as capillary action will allow the superglue to get in between all the individual strands of wire in the cable.


DIY Tubeless Conversion with Homebrew Sealant

This article describes my experience with going tubless the "guerrilla way". As Mr. Magura likes to say, it is "DIY all the way baby"! I started this project as a total tubeless noob. I used to ride with innertubes for years but I eventually got fed up with an increasing frequency of punctures on my home trails. After I had stopped changing tires more often than my underwear and settled on my favorite pair, I have decided to see what the magic of tubeless was all about.

DIY: Checking the Chainline - Tips

When installing a new crankset and/or cassette, it's important that you double check the chainline. This refers to the imaginary line from the chainrings to approximately the center of the rear cassette.

Here's how to do it.
1. Set the rear derailleur to the middle gear (#5 on a 9 speed, #5 or #6 on a 10-speed). 


DIY: Installing/Replacing pedals

Here's a simple DIY for all you beginners just starting out at working on your bike.

Changing out your pedals:

Tools/equipment needed:
1. Pedal wrench or 15mm open end wrench
2. Allen (hex) keys, if your pedals have an Allen socket on the shaft.
3. A tiny bit of grease.

Noob Buyer's Guide

Sti: Wmac just published and excellent and comprehensive guide for an inexperienced MTB buyer. If you are thinking about getting a new mountain bike because you want to have fun and get fit out in the nature this year, this guide can save you a lot of money and time searching for your ideal ride.

To see the article, please follow this link.

SRAM X.0 2x10-speed Crankset Review

I managed to snag a Truvativ/SRAM X.0 2.x10 crankset during the Christmas sales, and replaced my trusty RaceFace 3x10 Evolve crankset. 


Pearl Izumi X-Alp Seek 3 MTB Shoes


Needing a 2nd set of MTB shoes, I picked up a pair of Pearl Izumi X-Alp Seek shoes from REI. I prefer a hybrid hiking/cycling shoes so that I can hike the bike up steep trails if need be. 


DIY Steel liners for alum freehub for steel cassette cogs

Sti: You know what happens when you mount a steel cassette onto an aluminum freehub body - the cogs will chew deep and you will have troubles removing them. Marpilli solved this problem with a creative solution - DIY steel liners.

DIY Rebuilding 2002 SID SL with a new carbon crown and steer

Sti: Marpilli posted another stellar article describing a maintenance of one of his forks. This time, he worked on a 2002 RockShox SID SL.