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DIY hubs, single speed, carbon axles,Ti hardware, and carbon hub shell.

Some inspiration for single speed specific hubs.

DIY hubThese were made with carbon hub shell on the front, and carbon axles in both.

The rest of the hardware, is titanium.


Magura :)



Troy Lee Designs WS5205 Wrist Support

Received my pair of 5205's on Monday... figured I'd do a follow-up review.


Vuelta MTB Zerolite Pro unboxing.

The Vuelta Zerolite Pro I snagged for super cheap on ebay got here today. It looks decent for something that cost me < $100. 

Pics of me opening it and checking out the wheels.

DIY Mountain Bike Lights

Riding your bike doesn't have to stop when the sun goes down - get a light! There are a lot of great lights for sale, but some prefer to build their own light*system. Although building your own won't necessarily save you money, there is a sense of pride and satisfaction that comes from building your own light system. Before you can start building your own light, you need to understand the different parts of a light system. A light system can be broken down to: light source, optics, power source and housing.



Basic Mountain Bike Geometry and Fit

Geometry: A lot of people make a big deal about a frame's geometry and for good reason - because it effects bike fit and handling. Changing a bike's geometry can make a bike more capable at climbing or descending; turning; more or less stable; more or less comfortable; and more or less efficient.



Mountain Bike Buyers Guide

Looking for a new bike? There are lots if experienced people here who can help. You may want to answer these questions as a starting point when looking for advice:


What region of the country do I live in?

Where do I plan to ride my new bike?

Are there any YouTube videos of the trails I plan to ride?

How much time do I plan on devoting to this hobby?

What is my previous cycling experience?

Have I participated in other hobbies, sports or activities that may give me relevant skills?

What are my mechanical abilities?


DIY Zee/SLX to Saint/XT/XTR

Zent mod on a Zee lever

Here you got a mod to turn your Zee/SLX brake lever into a full blown Saint/XT/XTR.

The difference between the above mentioned brake levers, is a tool-free reach adjust, and a bite point adjust.


1) Tool-free reach adjust:

Requires a bit of DIY.

You can make a knob with a drill press or even a simple hand held power drill, with a little elbov grease.

All it takes, is a 2.5mm hex wrench, a small piece of aluminum, and some 2 component epoxy adhesive.


DIY Mavic Freehub Rebuild

I've been having an odd vibration from my CrossMax ST cassette assembly and took a closer look and found the freehub bushing to be worn.

Got bored tonight and decided to rebuild it. Took apart the rear hub Measured the plastic bushing - 25.24mm. Measured the post on the hub - 25.002mm. There was enough play for the cassette to wobble. 

Looked around and found that the freehub is $60+.... being a cheapskate I decided to make a replacement bushing since the lathe was sitting idle tonight.

Started by measuring out the hub, and then went cutting on the lathe.


DIY Headtube Modding: 1-1/8" to Tapered Conversion - Part 2

So....continuing from Part 1

Sanded down the gel coat and got down to the carbon fiber matrix of the head tube, & scuffed up the metal of the headset adaptor.


DIY Headtube Modding: 1-1/8" to Tapered Conversion - Part 1

For you DIY'er's out there...

I figured I was going to get a better fork sooner or later since all the nice forks are tapered, while my 07 SJ frame doesn't accomodate tapered forks. Anyway got a great deal on an RS Revelation XX Wc fork during black Friday and all the parts got here.

Time to get to work....

Designed and made a bottom headset adaptor this morning on my lathe.