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PostPosted: Wed May 13, 2015 2:19 pm 
lurkin' kitty
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Since EB will let a bunch of jerks take over the Women's Lounge, I'd like to have a civilized conversation about it here.

Any chicas up for that? This is also a test to not get this thread derailled by a bunch of a jerks and see if we can get some more women over here :)

For anyone who hasn't read it: ... e.html?m=1

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PostPosted: Thu May 14, 2015 1:24 am 
friendly kitty
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I'm not a woman. That's the disclaimer.

I work in a male dominated industry. Transportation. To normal people, I work for a truck company. I work for a large, unionized truck company. I hate my job because of the people I call "boss." Every lunch, every meeting, every visit to their office devolves into a conversation about what they did (or didn't) do to their wives. Stories and jokes that are flat out not appropriate for ANY professional place of work... but they aren't professionals. They are a bunch of people that would not be able to survive in a modern environment. My HR contact, a woman, has labeled one of them a "HR nightmare" or a time bomb waiting to go off. I can't count how many times I have made my way out of their offices to just escape. I am evidently not in the majority.... not even close. In so many ways, I am literally, yes literally, made sick to my stomach by some of the things they talk about.

I find that the internet is the same way though. A bunch of POS males that are failures in their own right trying to puff out their chests and show off their "feathers." It is largely the reason I don't participate in off topic discussions or even hang out in places that stink of high school locker rooms. I get it. I know I am different. My wife appreciates this side of me though, so it has paid off in the "long run."

I never read your articles on PB.... I generally avoid the site entirely as I regard the people to be mindless, keyboard "cool guys." I barely participate in most forums though for the same reason. I only find myself here because of the technical discussions and the ride reports (I just wish people posted more pictures from their rides). I would encourage you to continue to write though. You have an audience that wants to read what you have to say, and they want you to be the outspoken one for what they believe is right.

I apologize for posting.... I am not trying to take over the women's lounge. :)

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