Winter Riding by Judy-Lynn McGrath

When most people are asked to name a winter sport or activity, mountain biking is not a typical response. In fact, many cyclists hang up their helmets during the winter months or when the temperatures dip. I would have thought to do the same thing, had I not known that there are ways and conditions to ride all winter.

Noob Buyer's Guide

Sti: Wmac just published and excellent and comprehensive guide for an inexperienced MTB buyer. If you are thinking about getting a new mountain bike because you want to have fun and get fit out in the nature this year, this guide can save you a lot of money and time searching for your ideal ride.

To see the article, please follow this link.

Basic Mountain Bike Geometry and Fit

Geometry: A lot of people make a big deal about a frame's geometry and for good reason - because it effects bike fit and handling. Changing a bike's geometry can make a bike more capable at climbing or descending; turning; more or less stable; more or less comfortable; and more or less efficient.



Mountain Bike Buyers Guide

Looking for a new bike? There are lots if experienced people here who can help. You may want to answer these questions as a starting point when looking for advice:


What region of the country do I live in?

Where do I plan to ride my new bike?

Are there any YouTube videos of the trails I plan to ride?

How much time do I plan on devoting to this hobby?

What is my previous cycling experience?

Have I participated in other hobbies, sports or activities that may give me relevant skills?

What are my mechanical abilities?