Mountain Bike Buyers Guide

Looking for a new bike? There are lots if experienced people here who can help. You may want to answer these questions as a starting point when looking for advice:


What region of the country do I live in?

Where do I plan to ride my new bike?

Are there any YouTube videos of the trails I plan to ride?

How much time do I plan on devoting to this hobby?

What is my previous cycling experience?

Have I participated in other hobbies, sports or activities that may give me relevant skills?

What are my mechanical abilities?

Do I currently own a bike?

Do I currently own a helmet, gloves, padded shorts, proper shoes, Cyclocomputer, Finish line bike wash, Finishline brush kit, shop rags, chain lube, chain stay protector (I like Shelter), Gloves, good socks, solid tire pressure gauge, floor tire pump, on trail tire pump or cartridges, shock pump, good three way hex, mufti tool, spare bottles, cages, backpack to put all your gear in?

Why do I want to buy a new bike?

How much research have I already done and do I have an idea of what I want?

Do I have friends who are into the hobby? What's their mechanical and riding experience?

What kind of bikes do my riding buddies ride?

What kind of bikes do I see on the trails I plan to ride? (Full suspension, hardtail, rigid, single speed, geared)

Can I really afford this hobby? Are my credit cards paid off? Do I have savings in the bank and money to burn?

How much money do I want to spend on this hobby over the next year?

What am I trying to accomplish by participating in this hobby?

How do I expect my life to be different a year from the day my new bike arrives?


If you need some help, copy pasta the questions and answer them in a reply and we'll try to help you the best we can!