DIY Carbon SiC brake rotors and pads

As it seems the general industry is leary, of getting on with making carbon SiC rotors and pads, I decided to make my own a while ago.

The rotor is machined from a F16 front rotor, the pads are made of a similar material, scavenged from a 747 brake rotor.

This ought to serve as a bit of inspiration ;-)

The last image, is a thermographic image, taken during the the first tests.Pads

Raw rotorMachined rotorRotor + compositeComplete brakeTG image

The brake Performs real well.

The static friction of Carbon SiC brakes is close to zero, and obviously heat is a non-issue.

Power is plenty, modulation is up there with the best, and the weight is way down for a 203mm rotor, around 90g as I recall.

Warping is a thing of the past, and impact resistance is good as well.


So what's not to like......the price tag.



Magura :)