DIY Headtube Modding: 1-1/8" to Tapered Conversion - Part 1

For you DIY'er's out there...

I figured I was going to get a better fork sooner or later since all the nice forks are tapered, while my 07 SJ frame doesn't accomodate tapered forks. Anyway got a great deal on an RS Revelation XX Wc fork during black Friday and all the parts got here.

Time to get to work....

Designed and made a bottom headset adaptor this morning on my lathe.

Installed the IS52mm lower head bearing. Everything pressed in correctly with a 0.1mm interference fit, per Cane Creek specs.

Pressed fit my DIY headset adaptor onto my frame, with JB Weld to bond the adaptor to the frame....

.....sitting around waiting for everything to set then going to test fit everything and see how it holds up. 


The JB Weld has set nicely - had to grind out a little of the excess glue bead that formed inside the head tube. The clearances are very very tight (I only left 0.2-0.5mm room for the steerer tube to clear).

After cleanup....

Test fitting the fork to check clearances

Putting everything together... looks like I need a longer hose for the front brake (longer travel fork).

This is turning out to be more work than I thought.  Then again I'm out sick and can't ride so boredom sets in.....then again I oughtta do some real "work". (Great when you own your own biz...)

Found a longer hose in my spares. Woot!! All done! Probably try a test ride later if I feel better and stop coughing.

I think I have too much crap on my handlebar now. LOL

DIY continues with Part 2