DIY Headtube Modding: 1-1/8" to Tapered Conversion - Part 2

So....continuing from Part 1

Sanded down the gel coat and got down to the carbon fiber matrix of the head tube, & scuffed up the metal of the headset adaptor.

Cleaned and proceeded with the first layer of e-glass (fiberglass) anti-corrosion layer bonded to the raw aluminum of the headset adaptor. Hands were sticky at this point so gave up on pics. LOL ... Continued to lay up unidirectional 12K carbon fiber tow (from a roll), followed by a 2x2 twill strip, more 12k tow, another strip, and more 12k tow. Finally pulled plastic wrap over it to compact all the layers.

...(im)patiently waiting for everything to cure...... looking at project bike #3 in the back considering what to start on next.....


So removing the wrap

Sanded down everything, especially at the merge between the frame and the new carbon fiber...

Added a top coat of resin

Gotta wait for it to cure again and then finish up the work (more sanding, another coat of resin, then polish)

Final coat & wet sand

Polished with two grades of rubbing compound

UV wax polish....

Put everything back together!   

Whew... that wet sanding was hard work..... going to do something brainless for a while. LOL