DIY Mavic Freehub Rebuild

I've been having an odd vibration from my CrossMax ST cassette assembly and took a closer look and found the freehub bushing to be worn.

Got bored tonight and decided to rebuild it. Took apart the rear hub Measured the plastic bushing - 25.24mm. Measured the post on the hub - 25.002mm. There was enough play for the cassette to wobble. 

Looked around and found that the freehub is $60+.... being a cheapskate I decided to make a replacement bushing since the lathe was sitting idle tonight.

Started by measuring out the hub, and then went cutting on the lathe.

Started with a delrin bar

Cut off a small chunk and started turning the bushing.

Old bushing vs new bushing

Back side (made some profile changes so that it would seal better)

Snapped the bushing into the cassette freewheel

Put everything back together


Prototype #1 on the bike... lets see how long it lasts.



Magura's picture

That's pretty cool.

Loads of old Mavic wheels out there, that could benefit from this.


Magura :)

DIY all the way