DIY Zee/SLX to Saint/XT/XTR

Zent mod on a Zee lever

Here you got a mod to turn your Zee/SLX brake lever into a full blown Saint/XT/XTR.

The difference between the above mentioned brake levers, is a tool-free reach adjust, and a bite point adjust.


1) Tool-free reach adjust:

Requires a bit of DIY.

You can make a knob with a drill press or even a simple hand held power drill, with a little elbov grease.

All it takes, is a 2.5mm hex wrench, a small piece of aluminum, and some 2 component epoxy adhesive.

Cut and file the knob to your preferred shape, drill a 2.7mm hole in the center, and press a piece of 2.5mm hex wrench in the hole, with some glue on it.

The hex piece must extend approximately 4mm from the knob.

Leave the part for 24 hrs. to let the adhesive cure.

Clean off the knob and the hex hole in the lever with acetone, and don't touch any of the parts from now on with bare hands.

It is important that the parts are as clean as possible, to get good adhesion, so rubber gloves are the easy solution here.

Put a drop of Adhesive (same as used previously) in the hex of the lever, and press in the hex of the knob.

Watch out to not get adhesive out on the lever. If some gets where it's not supposed to go, wipe it off immediately, and clean with alcohol.

Leave the assembly to dry for 24 hrs. prior to handling it.


Presto! You got a Zent modded lever, congratulations ;-)


2) Bite point adjust.

This is the easy part. All you really need, is a 12mm countersunk M4 hex bolt per lever.

File the head down to approx. 5mm diameter.

Remove the blanking bolt, from where the bite point adjust is on the Saint/XT/XTR levers.

This can be a bit fiddly. Depending what kind of tools you have available, this can be done in a number of ways.

Cutting a slot with a Dremel is one option.

Put a bit of non-permanent thread lock (blue loctite for instance)on the bolt you just made, and put it in place.

Let it cure for a couple of hours at room temperature.

Now you got bite point adjust as well.

The bits could look like this:

Zent bits


Have fun.


Magura :)