SRAM X.0 2x10-speed Crankset Review

I managed to snag a Truvativ/SRAM X.0 2.x10 crankset during the Christmas sales, and replaced my trusty RaceFace 3x10 Evolve crankset. 

The SRAM cranket features a hollow crank axle, and carbon crank arms so it should offer a significant weight savings. I opted for the 28-42 tooth version (vs the 26-39 tooth version) as it suited my riding better, since I hardly use the granny gear and prefer riding with a slower cadence rather than spinning madly. 

The quality of the product was immediately evident in the workmanship that went into the crankset. The crankarms were very well made, and extremely light, and the ramped and pinned chainrings were well machined. The complete crankset weighed in at 697 grams vs 935 grams for the Race Face Evolve crankset. The only disappointment was that the crankset did not include a GXP bottom bearing, which is required to use this crankset. Not a big deal since I already had a GXP bottom bearing lying in my parts stash.

Installation of the crankset was easy and straightforward. Remove the old crankset and bottom bracket using the right tools and install the new X.0 crankset. It was nice to see that the X.0 crankset came with an integrated crank puller for easy removal. To protect my investment, I used 3M protective tape (this was a really cheap solution - $2.99/roll and I have tons left over) on the crank arms to prevent my shoes from nicking or damaging them. 

Riding Experience

Riding on the trails with the new X.0 crankset is a significant improvement over the Race Face crankset. Getting the adjustment right was a little tricky with a 3x front shifter but when adjusted properly, the shifts were accurate, quick and precise. I eventually upgraded to a 2x front shifter and this made the setup/adjustments even easier. Even with less front chainrings, I found that I  was able to select a good gear ratio for the trails that I was used to. Shifting is precise and accurate thanks to the pin/ramp design of the chainrings. With one chain-ring less there's less to mess up while riding and I spend more time enjoying the ride without needing to think about gear changes etc that often.


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