DIY Rebuilding 2002 SID SL with a new carbon crown and steer

Sti: Marpilli posted another stellar article describing a maintenance of one of his forks. This time, he worked on a 2002 RockShox SID SL.


DIY Rebuilding 2002 RockShox SID Race Carbon

Sti: Marpilli posted a great DIY manual for rebuilding a RockShox SID Race Carbon fork in the forums. Go check it out now!

DIY Painting Fork Lowers

To see the full article, please visit the article in the forums

While I had one of my forks disassembled to replace the bushings, I decided to try painting the lowers a different color. I don't need (or really want) a factory fresh paint job. I just wanted to change up the color to a nice neutral black. 

DIY Fork Bushing Removal Tool

I have a spare fork that I bought awhile back and am just now getting time to overhaul it (2002'ish RockShox SID SL). I noticed it's starting to wear the stanchions at the bushings so I'd like to replace the bushings. But, this is something I've never done.

While the bushings are cheap (about $15 for the set), the actual RockShox tools to remove and replace the bushings will cost me over $100 and that doesn't include the parts I can't find (bushing install sleeves).

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