DIY Zee/SLX to Saint/XT/XTR

Zent mod on a Zee lever

Here you got a mod to turn your Zee/SLX brake lever into a full blown Saint/XT/XTR.

The difference between the above mentioned brake levers, is a tool-free reach adjust, and a bite point adjust.


1) Tool-free reach adjust:

Requires a bit of DIY.

You can make a knob with a drill press or even a simple hand held power drill, with a little elbov grease.

All it takes, is a 2.5mm hex wrench, a small piece of aluminum, and some 2 component epoxy adhesive.


DIY Mavic Freehub Rebuild

I've been having an odd vibration from my CrossMax ST cassette assembly and took a closer look and found the freehub bushing to be worn.

Got bored tonight and decided to rebuild it. Took apart the rear hub Measured the plastic bushing - 25.24mm. Measured the post on the hub - 25.002mm. There was enough play for the cassette to wobble. 

Looked around and found that the freehub is $60+.... being a cheapskate I decided to make a replacement bushing since the lathe was sitting idle tonight.

Started by measuring out the hub, and then went cutting on the lathe.


DIY Headtube Modding: 1-1/8" to Tapered Conversion - Part 2

So....continuing from Part 1

Sanded down the gel coat and got down to the carbon fiber matrix of the head tube, & scuffed up the metal of the headset adaptor.


DIY Headtube Modding: 1-1/8" to Tapered Conversion - Part 1

For you DIY'er's out there...

I figured I was going to get a better fork sooner or later since all the nice forks are tapered, while my 07 SJ frame doesn't accomodate tapered forks. Anyway got a great deal on an RS Revelation XX Wc fork during black Friday and all the parts got here.

Time to get to work....

Designed and made a bottom headset adaptor this morning on my lathe.


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